Packaging Equipment Belts

Speed, flexibility, and efficiency are essential to a well-functioning packaging line. BCA provides a wide range of base belts with high friction and high wear resistant covers. Customized machined modifications can be added for optimum performance in packaging applications.
Applications Include:

  • Bagging Lines
  • Blow Molding Machines
  • Capping Lines
  • Cartoning Lines
  • Check Weighing
  • Feed Lines
  • Filling Lines
  • Labeling

Learn more about how Belt Corporation of America can create custom or standard modifications to your belts. Contact us to speak with one of our engineers.

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Optimize Belt Performance

with Custom Modifications

For synchronous or non-synchronous product handling applications, modifications can make a difference in conveying. By changing the construction, material, or finish of the belt, manufacturers can better meet their unique requirements.

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