Coatings for Belts

BCA has developed state-of-the-art processes for applying silicone and neoprene to a wide range of belt substrates; both stable and elastic. Coated belts are commonly used in product transport applications where environmental conditions such as temperature would have an adverse effect on fabricated covers. Additionally, the coating of certain material substrates allows for the finished product to move across low profile conveyors where designs such as knife edge pulley transports are common.

FDA silicone materials allow for use in the transport of hygienic goods and medical related parts and components. Silicone is an excellent cover material where the use of glues and adhesives are present in product manufacture.

Neoprene rubber can be formulated to provide good chemical and wear resistance, anti-static features, and self-extinguishing (UL94V) non-flammable properties for use in precision conveying applications. Our Neoprene Rubber Coatings can be applied to various substrates.

Coated belts can be further modified with holes to assist in vacuum draw applications.

Coated Belts
Neoprene on Woven Polyester
Coated Belts
Silicone on Hytrel
Coated Belts
Silicone on Woven Polyester
Coated Belts
Silicone Coated Foam

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Optimize Belt Performance

with Custom Modifications

For synchronous or non-synchronous product handling applications, modifications can make a difference in conveying. By changing the construction, material, or finish of the belt, manufacturers can better meet their unique requirements.

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