Premium Covers

View the specifications for our DuraTaq™, Linatex, neoprene, and viton covers here. BCA also offers covers in millable urethane, synthetic rubber, and natural rubber.

Learn more about BCA’s proprietary DuraTaq™ compound.


Premium Rubber

Durataq Plus
Durataq Plus
Color Orange Red Red
Hardness (Shore A) 45 60 38-45
Thickness Range (mm) 2.4 to 14 2.4 to 14 3 to 12.7
Working Temp
Range (C°)
-20/+100 -20/+100 -20/+9-
Water Resistance Good Good Good
Abrasion Resistance Very Good Very Good Very Good
Oil Resistance Poor Poor Poor
FDA Approved No No No
Rubber Timing Belts Yes Yes Yes
Molded PU Timing Belts Yes Yes Yes
Open End PU Timing Belts No No No
Truly Endless Flex PU Belts Yes Yes Yes
Rubber Multi-Rib V-Belts Yes Yes Yes
PU Multi-Rib V-Belts No No No
Rubber Banded V-Belts Yes Yes Yes
Rubber Flat Belts Yes Yes Yes

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