Specialty Endless Flat Belts

Need a specialty endless belt to solve an engineering problem? Let us work with you toward a profitable solution.

SE Flat Belts

Belt Corporation of America manufactures quality endless belting to meet the needs of a wide variety of markets. Our modern equipment and facilities, combined with our experienced personnel, enable us to provide our customers with standard and custom manufactured belts to meet their individual requirements.

We specialize in the engineering and manufacture of critical tolerance specialty endless belting. Our manufacturing capabilities include molding, wrapping, ultrasonically welding, punching, grinding, slitting and vulcanizing to create virtually any endless belt configuration.

Feed Belts

  • Mandrel-wrapped
  • Woven endless
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Uniform thickness
  • Nylon core belts or timing belts covered with natural rubber, Linatex© urethane foam, or neoprene sponge

Silicone/Silicone-Glass Belts

  • Supported & unsupported
  • Mandrel wrapped
  • Wide temperature capabilities up to 500°F
  • Excellent release properties Silicone fiberglass & silicone polyester
  • Woven endless with Kevlar® or Nomex® support

Hytrel® Belts

  • A thermoplastic and elastomer all in one providing the flexibility of rubbers and the strength of plastics
  • Excellent flex fatigue
  • Broad temperature use
  • Resist tearing, flex cut growth and abrasion
  • Resist hydrocarbons and many other fluids
  • Available in full range of Shore D hardness
  • Ideally suited for fix center drives

Unsupported Stretch Belts

  • Excellent abrasion qualities
  • Superior stretch memory
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Hypalon, EPDM, Natural Rubber, Urethane
  • Resistant to ozone & oxidation
  • Anti-static
  • No idlers or take up required

Metal Belts

  • High strength -to- weight ratio
  • Withstand sustained exposure to extremes of temperature
  • No lubrication which reduces system maintenance
  • Non stretchable
  • No static build up
  • Clean room compatible
  • Wide range of surface treatments

Endless Precision Drive Belts – Made of DuPont Kapton® Film

    • Superior in most respects to Mylar and usable in the same applications.
    • Outstanding, especially with respect to thickness, uniformity, long life and temperature capabilities.
    • Possesses excellent physical, electrical and mechanical properties.
    • Long life and can withstand use over a wide temperature range.
    • Has exceptional uniformity (to .0001″) which is especially useful in applications which involve extremely high or low operating temperatures.
    • Applications range from computer mechanisms, floppy disc drives, tape recorders, copiers, printers, etc.
    • Engineering expertise available.

Endless Precision Drive Belts – Made of Dupont Teijin Mylar ®Film

  • Flexible, strong material with an unusual balance of physical, electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent choice for applications where belts are subjected to a harsh chemical environment.
  • No plasticizer therefore will not become brittle with age under most conditions.
  • Good thickness uniformity and will retain tensile strength over a wide temperature range, from very low to a usable high of 150 F and higher.
  • Average dielectric strength of 4,500 volts for one-mil file (per ASTM D149-64).
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals, virtually impermeable to most chemical reagents, solvents, impregnants and varnishes.
  • Low moisture permeability and high overall resistance to staining by various chemicals and food products.
  • Sonically welded or seamless
  • Engineering expertise available.

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