Food Processing & Packaging Belts

Our belts offer high speed and accurate handling performance with FDA and USDA materials, designed for use where actuation, positioning, segmentation, and placement of the product is important to line up-time.

bcaproducts-100-EditApplications Include:

Learn more about how Belt Corporation of America can create custom or standard modifications to your belts. Contact us to speak with one of our engineers.

Timing and flat belts feature homogenous molded covers for uniform wear surfaces with no hard spots which provide increased performance. There are no splices or seams, and they have excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility for trouble-free operation. These belts are also fabricated with non-glazing compounds that deliver excellent grip and slip prevention. The unsurpassed quality in all of our belting products is evident.

Our extensive inventory of belting integrates with the leading vertical form-fill-seal machinery from leading OEMS, including: Bosch, Eagle, Fres-co, and more. View the complete list here.

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Optimize Belt Performance

with Custom Modifications

For synchronous or non-synchronous product handling applications, modifications can make a difference in conveying. By changing the construction, material, or finish of the belt, manufacturers can better meet their unique requirements.

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