Glass, Tile & Marble Applications

Our belts offer high friction and excellent wear resistance. Both elastomer and rubber materials can be fitted to your application. BCA specializes in cover modifications to assist in product handling, such as holes and angular or lateral machining. Timing belts are commonly used substrates in this industry.

Industry detail with a rear car glass on the production line in a glass factoryApplications Include:

  • Grinding Machines
  • Cutting Lines
  • Beveling Lines
  • Drilling Lines
  • Polishing Lines
  • Tempering Lines

Learn more about how Belt Corporation of America can create custom or standard modifications to your belts. Contact us to speak with one of our engineers.

BCA offers timing belts in various substrates, including rubber, polyurethane, and specialty materials. Our rubber timing belts are manufactured with Chlorprene rubber and offer oil, heat, and ozone resistance, along with long life wear and tooth shear resistance. Polyurethane timing belts are available in molded PU, open ended PU, PU with integral guides, and truly endless PU flex belts.

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Optimize Belt Performance

with Custom Modifications

For synchronous or non-synchronous product handling applications, modifications can make a difference in conveying. By changing the construction, material, or finish of the belt, manufacturers can better meet their unique requirements.

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