Belting & Pulleys

We produce a wide spectrum of belts to meet your specific requirements. Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to produce a wide verity of truly endless belts – both supported and unsupported. We offer numerous polymers that provide high coefficients of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, or high temperature capabilities. Our innovative plant has the ability to customize any base belt to meet individual needs using methods including molding covers, perforating vacuum and sprocket holes, grinding profiles and adding cleats.

Custom Belt Fabrication

Engineering and manufacturing of specialty endless belting. We can mold, wrap, ultrasonically weld, punch, grind, slit, and vulcanize to create virtually any endless belt configuration.

Custom Belt Fabrication

  • Variety of Molded Covers
  • Vacuum Perforations
  • Ground Contours & Profiles


  • Molded, Linatex, natural rubber, neoprene, urethane, silicones
  • Foams, sponges, and a variety of combinations
  • Materials can be vulcanized to all base belts


  • Vacuum Holes
  • Sprocket Holes
  • Slots
  • Countersinks

Specialty Profiles

  • Cleats
  • Lugs
  • Grinding of grooves
  • Slots
  • Contours

Silicone Coated Belts

  • Custom Silicone Coated Belts
  • Silicone Coated Knitted Endless Belts
  • High heat and release applications
  • Mandrel construction applied with fiberglass
  • Silicone coated timing belts and flat belts
  • Knitted endless Kevlar® with silicone covers

Specialty Endless Flat Belts

Belt Corporation of America manufactures quality endless belting to meet the needs of a wide variety of markets. Our modern equipment and facilities, combined with our experienced personnel, enable us to provide our customers with standard and custom manufactured belts to meet their individual requirements. Our modern plant has the manufacturing capabilities to mold, wrap, ultrasonically weld, punch, grind, slit, and vulcanize to create virtually any endless belt configuration.


  • Unsupported Stretch Belts
  • Feed Belts
  • Endless Round Belts
  • Endless Precision Drive Belts
    • Silicone/Silicone-Glass Belts
    • Mylar®, Kapton®, Melinex®, Ultem®

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  • Unsupported Stretch Belts
  • Feed Belts
  • Endless Round Belts
  • Endless Precision Drive Belts – Made of DuPont Kapton® Film
  • Endless Precision Drive Belts – Made of DuPont Mylar® Film

Woven Endless Flat Belts


  • Woven Endless Drive Belts
  • Unsupported Endless Drive Belts

Woven Endless Drive Belts

  • Single ply construction with high tensile properties
  • Adjustable and fixed center drives
  • Precision drive and high speed applications
  • Wide variety of constructions available

Unsupported Endless Drive Belts

  • Urethane, Hypalon, EPDM and Natural Rubber constructions
  • For use in sets or fixed center drives
  • Excellent coefficient of friction for paper handling applications
  • Molded guides available

European-Style Knitted Endless Belts

Our endless belts are like a ring – without joints or seams. Thus a smooth drive and trouble-free conveying is guaranteed.

  • Neoprene: Ideal for fast, strong drives. Highly flexible with antistatic properties
  • Polyurethane: Drive and transport applications
  • Silicone: Suitable for use in extreme temperatures as well as in dry and wet areas.

Precision Timing Belts

Belt Corporation maintains one of the largest timing belt inventories in the United States. Timing belts may be used in positive and indexing applications.

Precision Timing Belts

  • Polyester, Fiberglass, Kevlar® or Steel Reinforcement
  • MXL, 40DP, XL, L, H
  • Double-sided
  • Non-standard pitches
  • FDA/USDA compounds
  • Cleats & lugs
  • Open lengths can be welded together for long lengths or specials sizes otherwise unavailable
  • Conveying and linear drives
  • Self Tracking

High Performance Profile Belts

Belt Corporation offers a complete line of thermoplastic profile belts designed for a variety of demanding applications. From our exclusive Integral Supergrip Surface V-belt (ISGS) to our reinforcement options, a broad range of configurations allow the customer to select a belt to meet the unique performance demands of a specific installation.

High Performance Profile Belts

  • Long service life with reduced maintenance
  • Stocked in roll length
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to oil, grease, dirt, humidity, and chemicals
  • High performance in demanding environments
  • Silent running
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • FDA approved resins available

High Perfomance Profile Belts 2D Sales Drawings

Timing Belts Pulleys

Belt Corporation’s complete line of timing belts is complimented by ourselection of aluminum and plastic pulleys. We offer a range of pulleysin a variety of widths and styles. View our line of pulleys here or contact our customer service team for assistance with selecting the proper pulley for your application.

Timing Belts Pulleys

  • Imperial Pitch Pulleys: MXL, 40DP, XL, L, H
  • Metric Pitch Pulleys: 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 2MR, 3MR, 5MR, 8MR, 14MR.
  • Pulley Stock: MXL, 40DP, XL, L, H, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 2MR, 3MR, 5MR, 8MR, 14MR.

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Optimize Belt Performance

with Custom Modifications

For synchronous or non-synchronous product handling applications, modifications can make a difference in conveying. By changing the construction, material, or finish of the belt, manufacturers can better meet their unique requirements.

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